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Town Council

The Town of Lincoln has a Council-Manager form of government and acts as the general legislative body of the municipality by representing all Lincoln residents. The Town Council is a seven member board consisting of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and five regular members. The Councilors’ duties and responsibilities are governed by the Town Charter. Members of the Town Council are elected each November and serve for three years. Terms are staggered so that no more than three Councilors are elected during a single election. The Town Clerk serves as Clerk of the Council, preparing and maintaining the Council’s records.

Regular Town Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm, unless it is a federal holiday. Special meetings may be held at other times with proper notice. If you would like to submit an agenda item for a Town Council meeting, submissions are due to the Town Clerk two weeks prior to the meeting. 

During Town Council meetings, Lincoln residents and/or taxpayers are encouraged to speak during the public forum portion of the meeting either in person or via Zoom. You can also view meetings on the Towns YouTube page, The Council can agree to hear from a person who is not a Lincoln resident or taxpayer on limited occasions if doing so will advance Council efforts. If you are a Lincoln resident and/or taxpayer and would like to participate in the open forum via Zoom, please send an email with your name and the topic of your concern to by 5pm on the day of the meeting.


You can access video recordings, agendas, and materials from past Town Council meetings under Meeting Archives. If you would like to request printed materials or additional documents, you must submit a Freedom of Access request to the Town Clerk.

Next Meeting

Council Meetings are live streamed to the following Youtube channel:

Special Town Council Meeting May 28, 2024

1st Public Hearing for the FY2025 Budget

Agenda & Backup

Addendum to the Agenda







Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Schedule   All meetings start at 6:00pm and run no later than 9:00pm                                                                   

April 23,2024     Appointments,Town Manager, Clerk,Assessing, Code, Compliance & Library

April 25,2024     Police

April 30,2024     Fire, EMS, Public Safety Building

May 2,2024         Recreation, Parks, Finance, Utilities, Social Services, Personal & Debt Service

May 7,2024          TIF & Economic Development

May 9,2024          Public Works, Airport, Transfer Station & Landfill

May 20,2024       Council Workshop

May 28,2024       First Public Hearing

June 3,2024       Second Public Hearing

June 17,2024      Regular Town Council Meeting & FY 2025 Municipal Budget Vote

* Committee will fill in with Finance, Utilities, Social Services, Personal and Debt Services on days when the assigned departments ends early during a meeting. Dates and Departments subject to change due to discussion, fact finding or more time needed. 

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