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                         Lincoln Memorial Library

 The library is undergoing a few changes currently but we are still committed to providing a wide variety of books and DVDs for our community.  We offer programs for children Monday- Wednesday.  Thursdays are our “Meet and Greet” days are when we will be asking our Public Safety, Public Works, Military and others from the community to “Meet and Greet” the Children.  Fridays are Game Day; we provide the games and you provide the players.  We encourage you to bring a friend and discover a new game or play one of your favorites.  A monthly schedule is available below. 


Library cards for Lincoln residents are free; Library cards for non- Lincoln residents are $20.00 for a single membership or $30.00 for a family card per year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Browse our catalog. Once entering the site, follow the directions on the screen to sign in. You will need your library card number and your last name to sign in. Once you are signed in, you may browse the catalog, renew books, reserve books, and add books to your wish list. If you need assistance, contact the Library Director. You can access the Maine State Library online. 


21 West Broadway


10am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Second and Fourth Saturday 8 am to Noon 

(Saturday may change due to Holidays and staffing.)


SS 23_edited.jpg

Lauren Hakala

 Library Director


BV 23_edited.jpg

Bonita Vance

 Library Clerk

CM 23_edited.jpg

Cathy Mushero

Assistant Librarian

HS 23_edited.jpg

Heather Spearin

 Library Clerk

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