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Passport Processing

The Lincoln Town Office is  happy to help you apply for a passport book or card. You may apply for a passport by appointment only.

Applications for passport books are processed Wednesdays 9am and 12:00pm and Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm.

Please call the Town Office at 207-794-3372 to schedule an appointment.

If the days/times above don't work you can also use the following link for another location.

If this is a First time passport, you will find the documents listed below that you will need to bring with you to a Passport Acceptance Facility:

  • Passport Application- DS-11:  The Passport Acceptance agency requires that you use black ink only and that there be no white-out, cross outs or write-overs on the application.  You can obtain applications at any Passport Acceptance Facility or online at  Make sure that you have filled in an answer to all questions.

  • US Citizenship Evidence:  This can be a previously issued passport, a certified copy of your birth certificate, a Naturalization Certificate or Consular report of Birth Abroad.  The original citizenship evidence will be sent with your application but it will be mailed back to you. Hospital and Census Birth records are not acceptable.

  • Photo ID:  Valid driver’s license, previously issued passport, Naturalization Certificate, current Government ID or current Military ID.

  • One Passport Photos:  In Lincoln, you can get these done at Walgreens or contact any photo studio in town to find out if they do Passport photos.  There are special requirements for these photos.  If you intend to take the photos yourself, you can find information on the requirements at

  • Minors under the age of 16 will need to be present along with both parents.  16 and 17-year olds need to be present with one parent.


What are you applying for?                         Application Fee         +          Execution Fee

                                                                      (US Dept of State)                (Town of Lincoln)

Adult Passport Book + Card                                  $160.00                                $35.00

Adult Passport Book                                               $130.00                                $35.00

Adult Passport Card                                                $30.00                                  $35.00

Minor (under 16) Book + Card                               $115.00                                $35.00

Minor Book                                                              $100.00                                $35.00

Minor Card                                                              $15.00                                  $35.00

Kellsey Grass


207-794-6548 x 2

Melissa Quintela

Treasurer | General Welfare (GA) Administrator | Passports

207-794-3372 Ext 4

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