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Lincoln Public Safety
1 Adams Street

Lincoln Public Safety consists of 7 full time Fire Engineers, 1 Fire Chief, 5 full time Police Officers, and 1 Police Chief. The department works together to provide 24-hour coverage to our community and beyond. A host of part time individuals complement our full time staff. Nearly 45 Firefighters volunteer their time to help our residents in their time of need. About 8 reserve officers help our full time Police Officers to ensure a safe community.

L to R: A. Scelso, D. Peters, M. Fucile, J. Rice, R. York, Chief Lawrence, B. Robertson, G. Graef, C. Willette, J. Walsh, B. Weed, R. Bickford, S. Millett, V. McMoarn (Photo by Lee Rand)


Chief William LawrenceChief Phil Dawson
Officer Jeffery RiceEngineer Hans Miller
Officer Glenn GraefEngineer David Slomienski
Officer John WalshEngineer Corey Stratton
Officer Mark FucileEngineer Jon Spearin
Officer David CramEngineer Ken Lovdahl
Engineer Robert Hendrick

Fire Engineers Cory Stratton and Ken Lovdahl teaching fire prevention at Ella P. Burr School

Fire Services

Mission Statement: To maintain and deliver a ready, well equipped, well trained, capable and professional fire service.

The Lincoln Fire Department is responsible for fire protection, fire prevention and rescue services for an area of more than 100 square miles for Lincoln / Chester residents and visitors alike. Free of charge, the Lincoln Fire Department will conduct chimney inspections, business inspections, fire safety and extinguisher classes, home safety training, planned evacuations, voluntary house or business inspections. If you are a resident or business of the Town of Lincoln or Chester and would like to schedule a free inspection or class call the Lincoln Public Safety Building at 794- 8455.

This department also maintains a community emergency shelter in the event of a disaster. No pets are allowed in the shelter. Please feel free to call the department for more information.

Police Services

Mission Statement: To provide effective law enforcement services to the citizens of the Town Lincoln. Through training and constant reevaluation of policies and procedures the department will maintain the highest level of professionalism, making Lincoln a safer community.

The Lincoln Police Department is available to conduct volunteer house or business inspections, property checks while you're away, and available for speaking engagements at your special event. For example, the Chief of Police has given speeches covering such topics as identity theft, elderly security, bank security, business security, and much, much, more. Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Along with its normal patrol function and professional police service the department also provides: Routine bike patrols of the down town area and immediate residential area, residential security inspections, business security inspections, guest speakers at employee meetings and speaking for public service functions. On the right, Patrol Officer Patty McLaughlin participates with the children during Fall Fest activities.